Right. Jonathan with Sammy at a friends wedding reception.

Sorry Sammy couldn't do much to the photo

Jonathan at the 'leavers do'
Jonathan and Darren
Jonathan being shy!!!!!
A Shy Jonathan ! ! !
Some of Sammy's Photos

Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

Sammy said one of Jonathans favoutite songs.

Mr Jonny
Rusty & Jonathan at a Wedding Rece[ption!!!!!!
Riding the camel trail on a wet day

Above with Rusty on the Camel trail, oops, sorry Sammy

Left, riding the camel trail on a wet day, typical.

Jonathan with Sammy
Vicky, Julie and Jonathan, looks like three was O K.
Jonathan after a hard week

Left. With Vicky and Julie

Again sorry about the photo.

Below, sleepy after a hard night.

Jonathan in Harveys, Bakers. Thanks Sammy