Jonathan at the beach
Photo's of Jonathan from an early age.
Jonathan with his Grandad
jonathan with his mum
Jonathan with hid Brother Stuart, Nan & Grandad at their villa in  Spain
Jonathan, learning to play with me
Jonathan enjoying himself on the beach
Mum Karen having a laugh with Jonathan
Jonathan with his grandad in Spain
Jonathan with his nan, Joy and grandad, John at their villa in Spain.
Jonathan with a tiddler
Jonathan with his cousin Domonic and brother Stuart
On the slide
Watching his brother Stuart play football
Jonathan with his dinner
Watching T V with his cousin Domonic and brother Stuart.
On the slide.
Jonathan with mum and dad at Christmas
Jonathan with his Mum and me at Christmas
With his Mum and Stuart
With his brother Stuart and Mum.
Sturat trying to look after Jonathan
Stuart trying to look after Jonathan
Jonathan being held by Mum with Stuart
Karen with Stuart and Jonathan

From left to right.
Front:- John Bruton, Kim Bruton & Suzannah West

Back row:- Jamie Bruton, Stuart Bruton,
Domonic West, Naomi West, David West

Standing:- Simon Bruton and Jonathan.

Some of Jonathans cousins and his brother.

Jonathan with the chheky grin hiding in a tree

Above: Jonathan with Mark(Hutch)


Left: Jonathan, Mum, (Karen) Stuart