Jonathan doing the job he loved.
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With some of the Launceston Watch
Jonathan, far left with some of the Launceston Fire Fighters.
Putting out a fire in a camper van
Jonathan, right, helping to put out a fire in a camper van on the A30 dual carriageway just outside Launceston
Opening of the New Launceston Firestation
This photograph by Mary Neale appeared in the Cornish Guardian on the 10th January 2007 it is of the opening of the new Firestation in Launceston in 2004, Jonathan is the second one in, without the name badge, Gary tells me he was always pulling stunts like this ! ! !

Horse rescue, an early photo of Jonathan as a Fireman.

Where is the car on fire?

Launceston Firefighters
Jonathan 3rd from right back row
Annual Dinner
Jonathan behind the unberella, thanks Andrew

Launceston Firefighters receiving their awards for their work during the boscastle floods on the 16th August 2004

Jonathans Certificate, we found this hidden in his attic

here are a few printable tales of Jon which you may want to put online!

Jon could sleep anywhere. One Friday evening just before Christmas Jon was part of a crew from Launceston who were providing cover through the night for their colleagues in Bude.. The crew went to sleep just after midnight.

Just before 0200 a call came in to a house fire between Bude and Launceston. Four of the crew woke up and started getting dressed but Jon just slept on despite the alarms ringing. It took a great deal of effort [and kicking] to wake him up.

An hour later when the fire was under control I remember Jon coming out of the house with a huge smile on his face He was black from head to foot as he had been part of the first BA team into the house which was well alight. He was over the moon having been at the very sharp end and having stopped the fire spreading.

Jon was always keen to get to the station when a shout came in, so much so that he wrote two cars off doing so!

He was always fiddling with his car and you could often find him on station with his car in bits and he was fixing or adding something. This became so regular we ended up with car ramps and tool boxes in the spare lockers. At times the station resembled a commercial garage. We never quite knew what state his car would be in and at one point his Vauxhall Nova had a push button start fitted.

Jon would always have a different uniform on to everyone else. You can see this in many of the photos on the web site. If we were wearing our red shirts Jon would have his black T shirt on.

I remember having to stop him wearing his Fire Brigade T shirt out in the street when he was not on duty as he was wearing them out too quickly!

Jon could eat for England. Whenever we had food on a shout he could polish off a huge amount of food at any time of the day or night. If any member of the crew did not want all their food Jon would just finish it off.

Thanks Gary.