Picture of Jonathan taken in the summer (2006) taken of my mobile phone at my cousin Mark (hutch) Barbeque its one of many a good memory I have of Jonnny, we had great fun that day we were all laughing because we all ended up in hutchs paddling pool when the sky was black and it was actually not plesant weather but somehow Johnny, Hutch and James Barriball convinced us girls that the pool was lovely and warm so we went in! not that we had much choice because we would have been thrown in I think just like they threw David my uncle in fully clothed! ( I have a video of them all throwing him in the pool which was also off a mobile phone I will try to get that forwarded to you) This picture of Jonhhy makes me laugh because he was complaining about how cold it was out of the pool which we had tried telling them all before , he looked so pleased to see his towel !

Johnny was a great guy very kind and caring and a great friend to a lot of people He will be sadly missed but he gave everyone enough happy times and memories to make them smile for a lifetime. he will never be forgotten and always in everyones hearts!

Cheryl Sleep xx

Getting warm after a soaking
Photo and editorial from Cheryl Sleep.
Thanks for this Cheryl, it is greatly appreciated