9th December 1980

8th December 2006

Our aniversary Tribute

A year has passed since you went away
A light went out in our lives that day
Words are just not enough to say
How much we miss you everyday
Your friends and colleagues have done so much
Photo's sentiments, a loving touch
A memorial garden, a charity shield
Their love for you so proudly sealed
You touched so many people's lives
That kind of love never dies
You will live on son, within us all
Today, tomorrow, and for evermore

God bless you
Much love, Mum, Barry and Stuart. xxx

Heaven and earth keep us apart
But you are forever in my heart
The memories you gave me over the years
Help to stem the flow of tears
There may be pain as well as joy
But I would not have been without my boy
When I picture your face, your cheeky smile
It makes me happy for a while
I live my life with you in mind
Our lives will always be entwined
I love you son, as you loved me
Together again one day we'll be

All my love always, Mum

Tribute 2008
3 years ago we cried and cried.
silently we still weep on,
although in person your not here
in our hearts you still live on.

We didn't see you often enough
a regret we will always remember
we often talk and think of you
and not just in December

sleep well, in peace, we miss you Johnny,
we love you oh so dear,
We will continue to celebrate your life,
each hour, each day and each year.

Love always
Nathan, Kirstine, Dessie and Jill.
Remembering you is easy
I do it every day
It's just the pain of losing you
That will never go away

I miss you my darling
More and more each day
But my pride and love for you
Will never go away

Life is not the same without you
There is an empty space
I just pray that you are happy
In a greater place

Happy birthday son
All my love always
Love mum. xxxxx

A son, a brother so greatly missed
You are top of our Christmas list
We wish you so much peace and joy
And oh so very much more

With all our love Dad (Barry) & Stuart

Remembering in 2009, its now three years. We miss you son
You would have been 30 this year
You should be celebrating with you mates and a beer
Instead we have to accept you have gone
No more parties, it feels so wrong
So many young men have died since you
Look after them love and yourself too
Maybe that's why you had to go
To take care of others we did not know
I pray that heaven is a place of peace
Where all the pain and troubles cease
You are now all together as one
Brighter than the brightest sun
God bless you love and keep you safe
Until we share our next embrace.

Happy birthday son

All my love. Mum xxx

Silent memories keep you near
As time unfolds another year
Out of our lives you may be gone
But in our hearts you still live on

Miss you buddy. Dad (Barry) xx