Pictures 1 and 2

These pictures were taken at a beach BBQ that we had at Widemouth Bay late last summer. (The video clip shown with Hutchey's photos are from the same day). The BBQ was a last minute decision which involved a last minute shop at Tesco. Johnny bought a huge feast, enough to feed us all and more. How he thought that two little disposable BBQ's were going to cope I will never know! Whilst he popped home to get some stuff we ended up cooking his two trays of chicken before we left as it would have taken forever on the BBQ. The day was finished off with a beer in Harveys (photos Johnny 003, Johnny 004). Perfect!

Picture 3

Kate and Ian always hold great BBQ's where everyone gets together. A familiar picture, johnny filling his face. (Where did he put all of that food?) This day involved Hutchey, Andy, Johnny, a bottle of Vodka and some Redbull. Needless to say, Andy and Johnny weren't too great by the end of the evening! Hutchey, I am sure you tipped some of yours away!!

Pictures 4,5 & 6

Another one of Johnnys favourite places, Harveys. We still both expect him to walk through that door whenever we are in there. What a great partner johnny was for table football. Kerry always managed to get on his team beacuse she knew that she would be on the winning side. Do you know where the scar on his forehead came from?